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Ferrara Pan: Heartlines Conversation Hearts

2/12/2014: I want to do a quick update before these are gone! If I can get everything working I will try to get pics up later tonight. Brach’s now owns the Heartlines, BUT, I’ve found TWO different varieties in the same package! YES, some are the same as the Ferrara Pan ones that I have posted here from a few years ago. They are flatter, more pale, and have more “digitized” font. There are also ones that are much brighter(they look softer) and vivid and look like the mini hearts that Brach’s has pretty much always had. Those ones taste like typical Brach’s conversation hearts. To me they’ve always had a weirdish minty taste to them, though now it seems a bit more slight. If you want a flashback of the good ol’ Necco Conversation hearts we all grew up with, look for Brach’s Heartlines(purple bag) with hearts that look flat and a bit dull. Just like the ones in the pics from this old post! Okay. I hope that made sense! I wanted to quickly throw it out there before I completely forget. ALSO, I am hoping to do a few reviews tonight! It’s only been like  a year.. No big deal. But I did buy something that I’m super excited to try and I can’t wait much longer so… yeah!


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before on here, but I’m still pretty upset and heartbroken(ha, hahaha) with Necco changing up their conversation heart flavors. The original were so good. Well, the pink and purple ones were gross, but for twenty some years I looked forward to the typical candy hearts EVERY year. I’d buy bags and bags of them and save them for as long as I could. I loved them! Now they are nasty, acidy, gross, disgusting, blech. I keep hoping every year that maybe, JUST maybe, they will finally cave in a go back to normal. Apparently the switch was to get kids to want them more. From what I’ve heard, even kids think they’re disgusting. I was never a big Brach’s fan for conversation hearts, but I grew to really like those(not in the same way, or nearly as much as the original Necco ones), and now I found out this year they switched theirs to be more like the original Necco flavors. I did try them(didn’t think to review because I thought they were going to be the same thing Brach’s has always had), and they’re okay. They aren’t a perfect replacement for the Necco ones(the white aren’t as minty and the green ones are just… weird), and if anything they just make me miss the original Brach’s ones now too. *sigh*.

I did see that Ferrara Pan has their own conversation hearts now.


These guys are called Heartlines. The bag reminds me a lot of the old Necco hearts, and the cursive “Heartlines” is really similar to the “Sweethearts” that Necco has on their bags. I never knew that Ferrara Pan had conversation hearts, but for a buck a bag I had to give them a try, though I’m not getting my hopes up.

Woah. Maybe it’s been a while, but just sniffing the bag, it totally smells like my beloved Sweethearts. It’s sweet, a bit tangy, and powdery, if that makes sense. The size is about the same as the tiny hearts, but these are a little bit flatter.


The font on these isn’t as dark and “engraved” as what I remember Sweethearts to have, and it is very 1980’s computer-ish(Great technical terms from me, I know.) The one worded phrases aren’t very centered, but at least I can read them! I never really paid a whole lot of attention to the phrases because they were always pretty outdated and lame to me. “Fax Me”.. really?? A few of the phrases I see are, “LOVE”, “CU SOON”, “YOU & ME”, “NICE”, “SO FINE”, “CUTIE”, “TTYL”, “ILU”, and my favorite so far, “BLING”. yeah. ok. There are a ton more, but I really want to eat some of these now!!

I did try looking a bit online to see if there was an official flavor list(or any information really), and couldn’t find a whole lot. They didn’t even have anything on their official website. Eeek. Here it goes!


Purple: Purple is my favorite color, but they’ve always been my least favorite conversation heart. So let’s see how these are!! They aren’t a deep purple, so I’m hoping they don’t taste like food coloring. The font is a bit hard to read(though with flash on the camera it made it look a lot better!). They aren’t super soft, but as far as conversation hearts go, they aren’t that crunchy either. They are in the middle and that’s just how I prefer them. I always hated when they were mushy soft, but they lose so much flavor when they get too stale. As for the flavor, I’m assuming it’s grape. It isn’t very obvious of tasting like much. It’s sweet and you can kind of get a slight medicinal grape aftertaste. These leave a pretty sandy/powdery feel in your mouth. I don’t think I’ll end up throwing away all the purple ones. They are tolerable. That’s about it. They don’t really taste like much so I’m not excited for them, but they cause me to gag either. Meh.

Pink: “LOL” and “Heart Lines”… really? I guess I can understand “LOL” maybe.. maybe… These totally remind me of the Sweetheart ones, but not nearly as bitter. The first thing that comes it mind is Pepto Bismal, but to be quite honest, I’m not sure I’ve ever had Pepto and could tell you if that’s what it really tastes like or not. Maybe it’s the flavor of the pink Amoxicillin I had to take as a kid. Kind of bubblegum tasting, but medicinal. In a very strange way, I kind of like it. After a few though it’s getting to be a bit much. These are pretty pink and I think it’s the dye that is getting to me. It’s like having a really super awesome birthday cake, but then you eat the amazingly dark purple frosting and it tastes like death. Not quite as bad as death(however that would happen to taste.. I don’t want to know either), and not nearly as bad as the pretty frosting, but it is kind of gross. I did say I only kind of like the flavor. I might end up chucking a few of these away, or try to throw it at something. I don’t mind eating them, but I definitely don’t want very many of them. Kind of gross. Also, I have no idea what flavor this is supposed to be. Bubble Gum would seem strange. I never knew as a kid either. I think they were supposed to be strawberry. A very terrible batch of strawberries.

Green: Have I mentioned yet how powdery these things are? Maybe all of these usually are, but gosh, there is powder all over my desk! Guess it’s better than grease. *applauds* Why, you may ask, am I clapping my hands? Well, mi amigo, that is because these totally taste EXACTLY like what green Sweethearts used to taste like!! It was never my favorite heart, but I missed it so. Lime is my absolute favorite candy flavor though and I’m so disappointed that it is disappearing! No more lime Runts(which to be honest, were really sour, but I still enjoyed them), no lime Life Savers, which were AWESOME.. Luckily Skittles kept lime still.. I know people love watermelon, but forget that, let me keep my lime! These are obviously lime. A bit strong, but not sour. I guess I would say it has that “cleaner lime” flavor to it. I don’t love it, but I’m excited to be eating it! Six green hearts later, my throat is a bit irritated and it’s time to move on to another flavor. Maybe there is hope after all. If only I could find them somewhere other than just Wal*Mart.(Yes, Wal*Mart instead of Walmart because it gives me a reason to use * and it looks cooler.). Hopefully people catch on to these and they won’t go away next year!

Orange: Mmm, very sweet, candy orange! Maybe it has been too long since I’ve had the Necco ones, but these remind me very much of those. I can’t tell if it’s quite the same or not, but it’s pretty freakin’ close! It doesn’t burn my tongue the way the new ones do. It’s very mellow, so sweet. I can already tell that I could eat far too many of these hearts(not just orange, all of them) and after it’s too late and I’ve consumed half the bag, not only would my teeth hurt, but my stomach would be in pain and I’d feel incredibly nauseas. You think I’d learn my lesson, but nooo, I’d do it again a few days later. And a year later. Because they’re addicting and that’s what I do.

Yellow: “Whuz Up?”. HAHA. That’s got to be the best one yet. Woow. Maybe Ferarra Pan has been planning this for many, many years. They knew Necco was going to make a stupid move, and they were going to swoop in and steal the flavors everyone dreams of tasting once again. Where was I going with this? Uh.. Oh, so yeah, they just used really old sayings because..


BANANA! I know I used the same words to describe the orange, but this is, once again, a sweet, mellow flavor. I really missed this flavor, maybe the most, because though Brach’s (before this years) tried to make theirs banana, they all had a strange minty taste to them. Mmm. It almost reminds me of banana popsicles…

White: Ok. This is the one I’ve been most excited for. I’m trying not to be, because even though the rest have totally made my day, my year, my whatever I want for being so much like the conversation hearts I thought were gone forever.. I know that some things are too good to be true. White hearts(Necco.. not Brach’s. Brach’s tasted like toothpaste.. ) were my favorite. So delicious. Ok. Here we go. I attempted to shape them into a heart, didn’t work so well. FERRARA PAN FOR ALL THE WINS. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. My tongue burns with wintergreeny goodness. It sticks in my teeth and fills my whole mouth with overbearing wintergreen causing pain. AND I LOVE IT. yes yes yes!! It is perfect! I don’t even know what to say. I’m so freakin’ excited.

GOD I’M GLAD I BOUGHT THIS BAG!! I was so afraid to because it was only a dollar(maybe less?) but.. you guys! THEY ARE THE SAME! If anyone misses the original Necco Sweetheart flavors and are super ticked off with the nasty acid-like flavored crap they have now(Sorry, but it’s true. They are TERRIBLE. Sure, they’re pretty, but they are pretty much inedible. Pretty sure even my dog wouldn’t eat them..), or if you know of anyone who longs for the classic flavors, please, PLEASE, direct them to these! I don’t want these to go away. I missed them so much.. Gah! I can’t believe how close these are.. I might have to go buy a whole bunch again just in case. Seriously. Necco changed the flavors last year? Or was it the year before. Either way, it was too long. But, not knowing they were gonna change, I had a bag in my closet I decided not to open. I opened them late February last year and have been slowly eating them since. The flavors were dull from being stale, but I didn’t care. It’s all I had left. Until now. YES. 

One last thing.. I really want to go brush my teeth now.

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  • Question: Hey there, just read your post about the Lindt "Hello my name is" Chocolate Sticks... where in the US are they available? Only in Lindt-stores? I'm currently packing a christmas box for a friend in the US and would like to surprise her with some international candy that she doesn't have access to, but I don't know if these Lindt sticks are rare over there or not... help! :D - angelicmisskitty
  • Answer:

    Sorry for a SUPER late response. Not sure if you’ve found your answer yet. But they do carry this line at Target stores in the US now! They’ve got quite a display set in I’ve noticed too. I’m in Minnesota so Targets are EVERYWHERE in this state.  Not sure where your friend lives, but I’m assuming there’s probably  a Target somewhere near. 

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Airheads Bites

So you guys all know by now that I’m a HUGE procrastinator, right?  I mean first it was FINALLY hockey season, then I got sucked into Supernatural, then lately Animal Crossing has taken up a ton of time, that is when it isn’t so dang GORGEOUS outside that I don’t want to be inside. That, and I haven’t really found a ton of new stuff. I have found a few, but I was too eager to try them so I didn’t take the time to “review” them. However, I got something yesterday that says “New!”, but I think have been out for a couple months now(which is SOO old news for me.. HA, just kidding. Kind of..), but the package is so pretty and I just want to eat them. So since I really have no excuses not to, I’m going to do a write up on them as well! 


Airheads bites! As always, well in the past few years, they have bold, bright, colorful, shiny packaging!


There are five different flavor bites; watermelon, blue raspberry, cherry, orange, and lemon.  These remind me a lot of Wonka’s Oompas. I’m talking about the more recent ones, the fruity ones!


(Totally not my picture! Thanks Google!)

Not the chocolate/peanut butter version. Those were gone before I was around! The bag is so pretty to look at. Ahh. Colors! I hope that these are going to be awesome. I love Airheads, but I kind of hate how sticky they can be! Hopefully these are like giant Skittles! Which I would assume they are..


Yay!! They aren’t sticky! I like these already! They are all roughly the same size, some are more flat than others.. They are very bright, they remind me of gumballs.


I’m already slightly disappointed though, because there are a ton of lemon ones and only THREE orange. Luckily, there are quite a few blue raspberry, so I guess that evens it out a bit for me. Also only three watermelon too. Sure, cheap me out on the best flavors!


Red(Cherry): Oh, sooo super medicinal cherry. I don’t recall the strips being quite this strong before. Maybe my tastes have changed a bit. After a while, the flavor gets better, but it was kind of a shock at first. Unless you dig that medicinal cherry flavor(I’ve known someone who LOVES candy that does.) It is fairly simple to the Oompas though. They aren’t SUPER soft, but it’s easier to bite in half than the strips are. Also a lot less gritty too. As you can maybe tell, the outer shell isn’t very thick. I don’t think I’d be able to bite it off like Skittles or M&M’s. The bite doesn’t disintegrate quite as quickly as the strips. It really is like a big Skittle or an Oompa if you’ve had one. MUCH more convenient to eat than the strips. So far, I’m thinking, if I had a bowl of these sitting in front of me and I was preoccupied with a game or a movie, the bowl would probably be gone pretty quickly. I’d also have quite a sore jaw after a while though too. 


Orange(Um.. hm.. Probably orange? Maybe? I mean it could be mango.. but.. my gut says this is going to be orange!): Why?! WHY ONLY THREE?! I love this one! It’s such a tasty orange flavor, not too sour, not too sweet. It’s so good. At first it seems like a typical artificial orange flavor, but after a while, if I were totally out of it, I’d possibly think, “hmm.. that lingering taste in my mouth.. Did I eat an orange? Wait, there’s no pulp..”. But since that scenario is not very likely, I’ll stick with, it starts of super fake, but the aftertaste is very similar to REAL orange! Dang! Something orange, that tastes like… orange?! What?! I know.. I know.. No, I don’t.


Yellow(Lemon): Before biting into one of these, I’d just like to say that these seem like massive Lemonheads to me. However, they aren’t, and I don’t think I’ll need to worry about possibly breaking a tooth on the hard center, that it doesn’t have. If you just kind of let it sit in your mouth, it kind of tastes like lemon Pez. It’s not very strong. Then you decide to chew it and it’s like super powered lemon gum, that disintegrates and won’t sit in your intestines for seven years if you swallow it(which is a bunch of lies anyways right? Don’t they say it digests just the same as everything else?). Airheads don’t usually have lemon in the packs do they? I know recently they’ve had pink lemonade.. Hm. Anyway.. These are kind of pleasant I suppose. At first it’s mellow, then it hurts my tongue a bit, but the aftertaste is sort of almost refreshing. Though my tongue still stings a little. I think I could trade in a few of these for some more orange maybe.. Yes. I could do that. These aren’t terrible. I guess if I was in a lemon mood they’d be pretty freakin’ sweet? That happens. I have my lemon moods! Right now I’m just in more of an orange mood, which is unfortunate. 


Green(Watermelon): Mmm, of course! My other minority piece would HAVE to be tasty! It’s such a light, sweet, and a TEENY bit sour, artificial watermelon flavor. It’s so good! To me. Sometimes I have the taste  buds of a five year old. A five year old that does not like medicinal cherry flavored candy. It reminds me a bit of the watermelon Gushers fruit snacks!


Blue(Blue Raspberry): YAY! I love blue raspberry! Usually.. These are so pretty though! I almost don’t want to eat them.. psh yeah actually, I totally want to eat these. Look at them! So bright blue! Here in America, I think we were raised to find things that are super unnatural looking, things that are SOOO full of artificial colors, super delicious, more appealing. Even though I don’t think it’s totally necessary, but these do look pretty awesome. These ones smell really good too! Again, this is a super sweet, not very tart flavor. It’s ALMOST kind of boring. If I wasn’t a big blue raspberry fan, I’d probably find these a bit boring. But after having the lemon that made my tongue burn, this is quite nice! It’s a very mellow blue raspberry and it lingers for quite a while too. Sadly, I have terrible lighting.. if I don’t use flash, it looks super dark. The flash makes it look SUPER bright. The middle is actually quite light. AH well..

After consuming as many as I have(maybe eight or so? There are between 20-25, at least in my pack..), maybe I couldn’t eat a bowl of these. My jaw is already sore. I do find them quite tasty. I think I said in my Airheads post that they are more of a kid’s candy since they’re super sweet. I also said in THIS one, that I often have the taste buds of a five year old, so these are pretty awesome to me! SO much more convenient than the strips! My hands don’t get sticky, I don’t have to sit and mess with trying to peel the wrapper off, AND I can have the same flavor more than once and switch it up a bit if I want! However, I can’t sit and play with them, turning them into spirals or other things. Maybe that’s why I end up with sticky fingers when eating the strips.. Oh well, they shouldn’t make them so appealing and able to play with then! It’s my own fault though, that’s okay. But I do really likes these. Maybe not so much the cherry(though it’s candy so I’ll eat it!) and the lemon at times. I also think that MOST of the hardcore artificial coloring is in the outer shell and not so much the middle, so none of these have that odd, almost bitter taste to them because of that. Maybe it’s just my mind, but sometimes in the strips I feel like I’m just eating sugared up, hardened artificial colors with flavoring added in. But this is American candy! That’s how it is! I will totally probably buy these again though. The packaging is very eye-catching and fun, as are the bites themselves. If I want chewy fruit candy, I’d probably pick these over Skittles(HOW DARE YOU TAKE AWAY MY LIME!), unless there are Darkside Skittles.. then… I don’t know what I’d do.. 

And throwing this in here because it reminded me of some snowmen my brother and I once made..


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Lindt Chocolate Sticks: Strawberry Cheesecake, Caramel Brownie, Cookies & Cream, and Nougat Crunch

Seriously, I did NOT mean to disappear after that last review. To answer a few questions, NO, I did not really die from eating those mysterious gingerbread Peeps. I honestly did have another review I was going to queue up to post after, but, I don’t know what happened. There are a million excuses, but honestly, who cares? None of them are super exciting, I didn’t get invited to join the Avengers, or invited to go on an adventure with a bunch of dwarves and a wizard. BUT, I do have a ton of stuff that I need to start trying.. and for this one, I was going to do four separate reviews, however since it’s been so long, I figured I’d cram them all into one. Or maybe it’s because I can’t decide which one to try first. Either way.. let’s get this ball rolling again, shall we?

I walked into the Lindt store today.. which is always a fun and beautiful place to walk into. I’ve never been a HUGE Lindt fan. I used to really like the truffles(I loved how the cream inside felt literally cool on the tongue), so much that I bought three bags on sale and ate two of them I think in a day.. maybe it was a day and a half. Either way, I haven’t been able to eat them quite the same since. It’s been many years since that and I’ve been working my way back into that world. Partially because the first time I walked into a Lindt store, all of the bright, colorful chocolates that surrounded me were just too fun to not buy a million of.. Which then of course I’d have to eat, just, responsibly.. Anyway, today I was SUPER excited because there were a few new flavors(including coconut!! COCONUT! I LOVE coconut. No reviews on that, I was far too anxious to eat them.. but I will say, that they are DELICIOUS. At least I think so.. I just have to keep repeating “be responsible.. eat responsibly..” in my head. I don’t want to make myself sick of those either!) AND bright, colorful, awesome looking new bars too! I almost passed them up because, and I think I’ve mentioned this before, when I buy big bars, like the Lindt usually are, I sample it and never end up finishing it. I hate the packaging. Once it’s opened, it’s either gotta be gone in one sitting, one day, or it’s just not the same.  Luckily, as I went to the register, I saw they also sold them as sticks, so of course, I had to buy all four flavors! I couldn’t pick just one, or two.. 


Lindt Chocolate Sticks in Strawberry CHEESECAKE(what? It’s in all caps on the wrapper!), CARAMEL Brownie, COOKIES & Cream, and Nougat CRUNCH. Is that good enough? As I typed that, I was wondering why they weren’t consistent in which words the have in all caps on the wrappers.. At first I thought maybe it was because the words in all caps are the ingredients that are of majority in each bar.. According to the little pictures on the wrappers though, I don’t think there is more “crunch” than nougat in the Nougat Crunch.. It’s not always the first word, or the last word.. Hm.. Not alphabetical.. Not the longest or shortest word.. I don’t know.. Anyone else have any theories?


These wrappers are so fun though. I love that they chose to do black as the main color and then bright shiny lettering and ends. It totally looks like something I would want to buy. It’s very eye catching, which I suppose is all part of marketing and stuff, huh? So not only do I love the bright shiny colors, but I love how the wrapper starts off with, “Hello. My Name Is..” and ends with “Nice to Sweet You”, and then has delicious pictures of the ingredients and the cross section of the stick itself. Love the packaging. LOVE, the packaging. I’m weird. It’s fine. It just means someone did their job right by having awesome ideas for the wrapper. Congrats to whoever that was. Although the “Nice to Sweet You” is a little, eh, to me… *shrug*


Strawberry CHEESECAKE: I love strawberry cheesecake. I love it, a lot. I also love how shiny and mouthwatering the cartoony strawberry on the wrapper looks. Mmm. I don’t really love that this thing smells super, SUPER sweet and I haven’t even cracked the wrapper yet.. Oh!! These are way cooler than I expected so far!!


Obviously, it is one whole stick, but sort of separated out into six segments. Each segment has a different picture on it though!


I think that’s pretty cool! Smells really creamy too.


Well, the segments snap apart pretty easily.


I was expecting the bottom to smush in, but it split pretty clean! Hm.. I don’t know how I feel about this. I was anticipating something super sweet.. The chocolate is delicious and creamy.. The filling is actually pretty tart. Which I guess would be great if I had been expecting it. According the the ingredient list, there are actual strawberries in here. Explains the crunch. They must be the dehydrated ones, which I’ve never had great luck with trying to buy on it’s own. Yes, there obviously are strawberries in here. Crunchy, sour, strawberries. The cream itself is a bit sweeter, so it’s not mouth puckering.. The second bite is a bit better now that I know.. Thinking about it, it’s a good thing it’s tart because I think this would be waay to sweet since it’s milk and not dark chocolate. Though I do think dark chocolate would be good too. However, the semi natural strawberry flavor is kind of refreshing. I say semi natural because with the cheesecake mixed in with it, i don’t feel like I’m biting into a strawberry. It’s a bit off. I swear I have a seed stuck in my tooth too.. I’m usually not a huge fan of fake strawberry candy(aside from starbursts and skittles.. I don’t know how those are supposed to be strawberry.. I still think it should be called “delicious” instead.. but whatever works!), so I’m glad they used real strawberries, sweet or super tart. Not bad.. Not great either though. I’m quite satisfied after just two bites..


CARAMEL Brownie: I think the picture is misleading. I don’t think there are going to be any walnuts in this.. Who knows though! This entire bar is identical so far to the Strawberry Cheesecake. Same pictures, same order!


Oooh, gooey caramel. Yes please! This one is a bit messier to eat! The last was pretty solid. The caramel with this makes it a bit more “hollow” so the piece kind of crumbled in a bit on the top and sides.. The caramel is pretty tasty. Not too sweet, a bit more on the salty side. Again, better salty than sweet with the milk chocolate. As for the “brownie”, there’s a small fudgy layer on the bottom. Nothing that really stands out. At all. It’s pretty much just a caramel filled chocolate bar. Which is okay by me! I did notice a tiny bit of crunch at the end though. Also, no walnuts. Dang. 


COOKIES & Cream: LOOK at that cookie. That looks delicious to me.. Though I’ve been on a cookie kick lately. I dream of cookies. Mmm, cookies. When I first saw this one I thought it was going to be cookie dough.. Cookies and cream is usually an awesome thing for me, but not as awesome as cookie dough. That was my initial disappointment with this one. Also, usually when it’s cookies and cream, I think of like, Oreo cookies.. not chocolate chip cookies and milk. Maybe that’s just too “American” of me to think that way. I don’t know. Either way works though, I guess. *sigh*. Just kidding. Honestly, either way does work. Cookies are cookies. Great any way, as long as there aren’t raisins in it. Those aren’t cookies, those are just cruel jokes.


There are some decent sized chocolate cookie chunks in here!


Cookie chunks that are more like Oreos, not chocolate chip cookies. The cream has an almost sour taste to it. Meh. It’s okay. I’ll eat it if it’s sitting in front of me. I’m not sure I’d buy this one again. It’s not terrible but.. I’d rather have the Caramel Brownie one over this..Or a chocolate chip cookie.. or an Oreo..


Nougat CRUNCH: I honestly almost didn’t buy this one.. I wasn’t looking at pictures, I was looking at names. Nougat Crunch sounded a bit boring to me.. until I looked at the picture and realized crunch=toffee bits, not crisped rice. Toffee? Yes, yes please. What am I missing here? These weren’t with the Valentine’s Day items.. Though I do recall getting an email that could have possibly tied to two together.. I’m not sure.. But there are hearts on the wrappers too.


Not that there’s anything wrong with hearts! I don’t know. Oh, this bar smells a bit salty. Which would make sense, right?


This one doesn’t look very fun so far. Wow! Well that was a surprise to my mouth! One, I can’t see the “crunch” but sure can feel it.. and two, the filling is a hazelnut nougat! Awesome! I was almost dreading a fudgy, chocolate filling(I do love chocolate.. but the milk chocolate is so sweet, that is a bit too much..) and was SUPER pleasantly surprised by this.  This is pretty dang tasty actually! Not salty at all. Just creamy, hazelnutty goodness with some milk chocolate thrown in there.. or wrapped around, whatever. I’m really glad I didn’t pass on this, even if it wasn’t what I expected!

So in comparison, the wrappers are WAY cooler looking than the bars taste, if that makes sense. They aren’t bad though! I totally wouldn’t buy the full sized bar though.. The caramel is probably my favorite, just because, I have a better chance of eating more of the caramel in one sitting than I do the nougat crunch. Hazelnut is delicious, but is also a bit rich and too much is never a good thing. The strawberry cheesecake is good, but the tartness threw me off a bit.. It’ll take some time to warm up to that one. It’s tasty, but it’s not what I expected. As for the cookies & cream.. it’s okay.. I’m not thrilled with it.. meh.. 

*phew* That wasn’t so tough, now was it? I PROMISE I will be posting more often again SOON. I’ve got way too many things I’ve got to consume.. I’ve seen a few things I want to buy still too. There’s one I already have bought, that’s sitting on my desk, staring me in the face.. I’m really psyched to eat them.. You’ll find out what they are soon!!

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  • Question: What store has ice breakers duo - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    I’ve seen these almost everywhere I go! Grocery stores near the checkouts, Target/Walmart type of stores(at the checkouts and also I see multi-packs in the candy aisle by the gum!), gas stations and convenience stores.. any place similar to those! They seem to be widely sold now.

1 year ago
  • Question: Where can I buy the peppermint bark that I saw at Christmas - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    I guess it depends on which ones you’re looking for. If it’s the Ghiradelli ones… go here..


    they’ve got them on sale! They’ve got bags for about $4, or even 80ct bags for $13.50!! 

    If you’re talking about the Dove Promises, amazon.com has them, but they’re quite expensive right now. I’ve seen some places still have Christmas clearance, yes, still.. So if you come across any, check it out. But the Ghiradelli stuff at their site right now is a great deal!

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  • Question: Are you alive after those Gingerbread peeps? - ipsterr
  • Answer:

    Yes! I was down and out for a while… Actually I was just fine. I’ve actually got a few more new Peeps products to write about soon too!

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Peeps: Gingerbread

I’m going to start this off by saying, and I hope it isn’t true, but this may be my final review. Why? Well, I brought these home a few days ago, just grabbed them to start writing this up, and noticed this..

The bottom corner is completely torn off. So, I’m hoping it doesn’t result in my death. If it does, then this will probably be my last review. Actually, that’s a lie. I’ll have at least one more after this queued up to post, and then that could be the end! Hopefully these bad boys aren’t poisoned and I’ll be just fine! Just to be safe, I won’t eat the ones nearest the hole, okay? Okay.

Flavor number three!

Gingerbread Peeps! Or as it says on the package, gingerbread flavored marshmallow gingerbread men. These are the same price as the chocolate dipped peeps, but you get six of these instead of three, and no chocolate. I can’t say I’m overly excited about these yet. I’m not really a huge gingerbread fan. I don’t hate it as much as I do pumpkin, but they are pretty similar flavors to me. I have started making gingerbread houses every year though, which probably drives my dad crazy because you spend what, ten bucks on the kit, and then it sits for a few weeks, and it goes in the trash. I have fun making them! I also get incredibly stressed because the stupid frosting doesn’t ever stick how I want it to, but I still enjoy it! I have always wanted to make gingerbread man cookies though. I want to decorate them! Steal their gumdrop buttons and yell at them. All of that good stuff!

Quick comment on the packaging, of course. I love how it’s decorated like a gingerbread house, with a giant window to see the gingerbread men living inside. Maybe I should start standing at our front window standing there, smiling, not moving. Just to see if I get a reaction. I found an AWESOME poster at the movie theatre a few weeks ago for Skyfall. It was the giant shutter background with James Bond casually standing like a BAMF in the center. It was about life size.. I really wanted to bring it home and hang it up in our kitchen so it looked like James Bond was protecting our house and looking out at the street. People would believe that, right? Sorry Mr. Bond, you’re going to have to shave yourself if you’re living here though.

Well aren’t these guys, uh, kind of cute.. kind of. They are a bit more creepy actually. Please, don’t be poisoned. It looks like the one in the bottom left corner may have skin cancer.. Oh look, this one has a nose!

They smell faintly like gingerbread. Maybe because my package has been opened for who knows how long. It does smell good though.

Well I’m glad the sugar is the same color as my desk. Now I can’t see how messy it is. *phew*  How would you eat these? Would you eat the head, an arm, or a leg first? Or would you just bite it in half? Hm.. I kind of want to eat the eyes off first, and then the head, and then, who cares. God, I’m like a demonic dog who eats the eyes off of their toys. I don’t know why. It just seems appealing to me for some reason!

So these guys are a lighter brown on the inside. Look at how nasty their back sides look!

I don’t really know how I feel about these. The flavor isn’t too strong, and most of the flavor is on the outside. I feel like I’m eating a sugary, squishy candle. It’s gingerbread all right, but doesn’t quite taste like cookies. Maybe if it were stronger? I don’t know. All I can think about is candles that I’ve smelled that um smell like how these taste? Here we go again.. haha.

I mean, they’re interesting, and not really terrible. They’re creepy/cute and the packaging is fun.. Meh. They were interesting to try. That’s about it. I’m not excited, but I don’t think they’re bad. They just… are… I feel this was very anti-climatic. Not that I think I really hyped these up. I just don’t feel strongly about them, okay?! GOSH. Now who wants to flirt with death and try some of these? Anyone??

My pants are now covered in brown sugar.

1 year ago
  • Question: Which do you like the most: dark, milk or white chocolate? What is your favorite flavour of chewing gum? Favorite xmas candy? Mars or Snickers? Chocolate with nuts or with fruit? Hershey's Pieces, Almond Joy Pieces, Reese's Pieces, or York Pieces? (I adore your reviews- I get so excited when you make posts, lol.) - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Holy massive question! Awesome!

    Typcially I prefer milk chocolate, however if it’s Godiva, I prefer their dark chocolate. It’s just amazing and the milk is NOTHING compared to it. 

    I don’t really have a favorite flavor. I really like Wrigley’s Winterfresh or Trident Layers in Cherry/Lime. I suppose those two can be my favorites!

    I know it’s totally more of a “granny” candy, but I do love ribbon candy. I think it’s all of the colors.. I also really love the Butterfinger Jingles that are out around Christmas, probably because they’re so easy to let the chocolate melt and have tons of crunchy little peanut butter pieces after. Also, I could eat a box of chocolate cordial cherries in one sitting no problem. It has to be like the Queen Anne ones though, the milk chocolate variety! I gotta have the fondant in there! Although if I put too much thought into the cherries gross me out. I still love them though. I could probably name a bunch more of favorite Christmas candies, but I will only do one more.. and that’s cherry candy canes. I love cherry candy canes. 

    Mars!! I’ve got nothing against Snickers.. It just would never be my first choice(unless it’s peanut butter, those things are like crack. SO good!). I haven’t seen Mars around much the past few years, so maybe that’s why I’d pick it. But I prefer almonds over peanuts. Which, when they came out with Almond Snickers(or Mars with a new name..) I was all over those. So yes, Mars! For sure. Because of the almonds. As you may know, I love to pick things apart when I eat them. And I feel like with Mars, it’s easier to eat it in bits.. The top chocolate layer, the side chocolate, the almonds, then depending on how messy it is, the caramel and then the nougat. Usually I don’t go that crazy though, just the almonds first and then the rest of the bar.

    Chocolate with nuts. Some chocolate covered fruits weird me out. I’m not a huge fan of dried or dehydrated fruit. Unless you hand me a plate of fresh chocolate dipped strawberries, nothing can beat that. I remember when I was a kid, I used to put chocolate covered peanuts in my hot chocolate. I have no idea why and I really don’t think it added anything to it. Planters used to have these cans of chocolate covered cashews. They were SO freakin’ awesome. It was SUCH a thick layer of chocolate, which was really creamy and tasty, and then a crunchy cashew, obviously, in the center. SOOO good. I haven’t seen those for a while though. I should see if they still make those!

    I really, really wanted to love the Almond Joy Pieces. They weren’t bad, but they didn’t meet my expectations. I’m going to have to say Reese’s Pieces. Though I’d much prefer a typical Reese’s Peanut Butter cup, every now and then the pieces are pretty awesome too. Ooh especially the eggs around Easter. Those are addicting!! Just don’t argue with me and try to tell me there is chocolate in Reese’s Pieces. You can ask my co-workers about that. I made them pick apart and eat them in front of me to prove to them that there was NO chocolate in them. We had quite a heated argument. Or more like, I was really mad because they were questioning me about it and trying to convince me there was chocolate, which would make sense, but there isn’t! Stupid Reese’s.

    Did that answer your paragraph of questions? :) I was pretty excited to see them all though! And of course, I can’t keep anything short and tend to go off track a bit. I tried to stay on track though!

    Also, thank you so much! For the questions and for adoring my reviews!! I’m trying to be much more consistent and frequent with my posts for anyone and everyone who reads it! I’m running out of things to try though, but I will do my best!!

1 year ago

Peeps: Candy Cane Dipped in Chocolate

Flavor number two!!

Peeps Candy Cane flavored marshmallow dipped in chocolate. Not milk chocolate, just chocolate. I would assume it would be more of a dark chocolate since that is typically paired more with mint flavors than milk chocolate is. I’m just so smart some times. I know. It’s okay though because I’m willing to share all of that sweet knowledge with you! And for that, I’m sorry.

Now, for my comments on the packaging. I quite like it. I think looks like a present. Except it’s no fun because I can obviously see what’s inside. Um, I like that it looks like candy canes? Actually, I thought I was going to have way more to say about it but I guess I don’t. We can just move on now. Really. Sorry I wasted your time.

Hm. They smell just a tiny bit minty. Perfect! A tiny bit mint with a hint of chocolate. Maybe these won’t be too bad! Okay, what the heck. So the chick in the middle fits all the way to the bottom. The other two don’t fit at all. Either I’ve got extra in two or I got ripped off from one. This is just unacceptable.

This chick is trying to do the limbo or something.. At least the little red flakes are kind of pretty.. Though it almost reminds me of chipped nail polish which ends up grossing me out a little bit. Yeah, the red bits don’t taste like anything. So at least I know it isn’t chipped nail polish!

That makes it sound like I know what that would taste like.. Maybe I do. Maybe I found out that chipped nail polish is like, some new, secret cure-all food? That’s right..

Please, don’t eat chipped nail polish.

Oh my god, the poor chick looks like it’s in agony.

I’M SORRY BUT YOU’RE CANDY AND I’M SUPPOSED TO EAT YOU. Quit being so dramatic! Well the chocolate has a really cool touch to the tongue. It is more of a dark chocolate(though not very bitter). It has a minty taste but it could just be the flavor transferring from the marshmallow. Okay, I take that back, unless the chocolate sucked all of the mint out of the marshmallow. I just bit the head of(muwahaha) and it just tasted like marshmallow with maybe the teensiest hint of mint…and I think that was just because I’m trying to imagine it. It also tastes a bit like chipped nail polish.

Honestly though, the marshmallow just tastes like marshmallow and the chocolate is a bit dark and is where the mint party is happening. The marshmallow is decorated, that’s about it. I don’t think I’d want much more of the chocolate from these ones. It lingers too long. The marshmallow doesn’t taste like anything. AND there’s no fun candy cane crunchy bits. But, as a whole, these things are pretty tasty. I wouldn’t recommend pretending they are real magical candy cane ducks floating and playing on a magical wintry pond a.k.a your desk. The leave a nice trail of sugar EVERYWHERE.