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2 years ago

Extra Dessert Delights: Root Beer Float

As you may already know, I’m always pretty excited to see new flavors in the Extra Dessert Delights line. I’m still crossing my fingers for a Red Velvet flavor(I mean really, they HAVE to attempt that!). It’s been a while since I’ve found a new flavor, but I’m impatient so a while to me is about two months or so. I’ve got high expectations. I did see a new flavor that totally took me by surprise the other day!! I’m not sure how well this will work as a gum, but hell, they managed to make an apple pie one and that was pretty tasty, even if for only a few moments.

Root Beer Float. How perfect for summer, eh? They really have my attention and craving with the image on the front. Frosty, foamy, ice creamy, delicious refreshing root beery deliciousness. Have I mentioned before that this is NOT a professional blog? I know it’s hard to tell since I use so many creative, captivating descriptions, but I kid you not, this is NOT even close to a professional blog. Just reminding you.

Mmm. It smells really good! It smells like wintergreen, but not like a kick in the face type of wintergreen. I like, no wait, I LOVE wintergreen. I don’t care if it smells like Icy Hot, I still love it.

The box is the same flip top pack as the rest of the line. The color of the stick itself is a light, reddish brown.

It looks like a dog treat really. Some dog treats are quite delicious, I’m not going to lie. Not the jerky, I can’t say I’ve eaten that. But seriously, they make some dog cookies that smell WAY better than cookies for humans. They don’t put weird ingredients in them, so it isn’t strange! Lucky dog. Spoiled lucky dog actually. But this isn’t a review on delicious dog cookies. Now that I’ve just made myself seem far stranger than I have before, let’s please, if you will, move on. Well my stick is extra (ha. ha ha ha) chewy. A lot of times I get sticks that break into pieces, but not this! I think these guys are giving Jelly Belly a run for their money when it comes to coming up with crazy flavors for candy and messing with people’s minds. When I eat a root beer float, I prefer to dunk the ice cream into the root beer so that it gets a bit icy and crunchy. That’s my favorite! Then when the ice cream is gone, the root beer is all creamy… mix it together and drink it. YUM. And THAT is what this gum tastes like. Creamy root beer. Which what else would you expect it to taste like? Ice cream the first few seconds, a sip of root beer here and there, and then the perfect combination? Well with a bit of imagination, you can pick it apart that much if you really want. This does have a hint of cooling to it, so it could pass for a mellow wintergreen gum. Unlike the other dessert flavors, this would probably help out a bit with bad breath after eating.

I really hope this flavor sticks around! I’ve been chewing it for about five minutes now and it still has quite a bit of flavor! If you’re not a big fan of wintergreen or root beer then, well I should hope I don’t have to advise this, but you probably shouldn’t try this. But seriously, this gum is awesome! I don’t expect to chew it for more than ten minutes, but I also don’t expect to walk away with a stomach ache either. That’s the worst part about floats for me, never fails to give me a stomach ache. But they’re so good, why do they have to be so mean to me?!