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2 years ago

Dove Promises: Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate

Took a stroll down the candy aisle at Target today(which I typically do on a daily basis), and discovered that they are re-doing the whole aisle! Which is awesome, because that usually means there’s new stuff! One of the first new things that caught my eyes, was this lovely little bag…

Another exclusive flavor from Dove, sea salt caramel dark chocolate promises. I just did a quick search and couldn’t find anything about this in relation to Target or anything really. At first when I saw the sky blue on the bag, I thought they decided to bring back the European ones.. I don’t think that is what they were called, and I just spent ten minutes trying to search up what they were called, and I can’t find them. But they were waaay smoother and creamier than the basic milk chocolate variety. As I’ve said before, just adding “sea salt” anything to anything, automatically makes it more desirable. I don’t know what it is, but if the bag says “sea salt”, I probably want to eat it.

Again, these bags have the not so “easy open”.

I’ve tried that once, I’m opening this the way I usually open bags! By tearing off the corner.

Boy, does the bag smell like really dark, dark chocolate. Reminds me of the one and only time I tried eating bakers chocolate. My grandma said I wouldn’t like it… I didn’t understand how she could possibly think I wouldn’t like something chocolate. Especially since that stuff smelled so good, and the frosting she makes with it is so delicious. So I ate it anyways, and it was not good. I do not recommend that. It’s evil I tell you.

Well my special love note from Dove this time, tells me that Happiness is contagious.

Well I work where I run into lots of people that have something contagious, and I can tell you, none of the stuff they’ve got going around is happiness. If you try to be happy, they glare at you and yell at you for not taking their problems seriously. Happiness is not contagious. I’ve also noticed that even if I’m in a great mood and things couldn’t be better, but someone in my house is in a grumpy mood, they get even more mad at my happiness until they suck it all away and I feel so guilty for not being in a bad mood, that I end up grumpy too. Grumpiness is contagious. Luckily, I’m the only one awake in my house right now. It’s just me, my music, and candy. So I’ll just be happy all I want! Holy crap. This must be a sign. “Happiness” by Kasabian just came on. Are you kidding me? Of course it would.

These promises are pretty dark.

Just to compare, the milk chocolate cinnamon cookie is on the right, and the sea salt caramel dark on the left. The awesome thing about Dove, is that no matter how dark and bitter their dark chocolate seems, it is always super smooth and never as bitter as you’d expect. They’re perfect. They were what made me change my mind on dark chocolate. I always did my best to stay away from it, but Dove dark chocolate is so good, made me realize not ALL dark chocolate is terrible and disgusting like the nasty Hershey’s special dark I grew up with. Yuck. Every time I have a piece of Dove dark, I feel like I just want the flavor to linger a while in my mouth. It’s so good.

There are no grains of sea salt. The caramel is very flowy and smooth. I don’t really taste much of it because the chocolate kind of takes over. The caramel seems to me, like it’s purpose is to add a delightful texture to the piece. It isn’t a sweet caramel. I suppose it’d be a bit more on the salty side, but really, all I can taste is the chocolate. Which isn’t a bad thing!

As with the cinnamon cookie ones, I would only eat a few of these. I definitely couldn’t chow down on these. Not because they are sweet, because they really aren’t very sweet and rich. The dark is bold and delicious and really sticks with you for quite a while afterwards. The caramel doesn’t have a ton of flavor, and there’s no chunks of salt anywhere. But the texture is nice and all together it tastes great. I wonder how long this exclusive flavor will last? I will totally be sharing these with my fellow dark chocolate fans. These are totally worth a try!